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What are the cause of the roots blower noise

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  Yi, robot blower type:

  ZLSR50 ZLSR65, ZLSR80 ZLSR100, ZLSR125, ZLSR150, ZLSR175, ZLSR200, ZLSR250,


  Flow range: 1-120 m3 / min

  Pressure range: 9.8 to 88.8 Kpa

  Yi, robot blower features:

  1, casting resin sand casting technology, yi tai fan castings have good quality assurance.

  2, the impeller design, in strict accordance with the theory of involute and simulation on computer, what should be done before the machine rotation balance experiment many times, fully guaranteed the meshing characteristic of involute, effectively reduce the leakage and improve the efficiency.

  3, chassis, panels by high precision digital display coordinate boring machine processing, high precision and stable quality.

  4, into the exhaust and equipped with muffler with spiral structure, make the inlet and exhaust pulse flat, little vibration, low noise.

  5, lubrication, splash lubrication, drop tank is used to not only make the lubrication is more reliable, and solve many of the shortcomings of grease lubrication, effectively improve the service life of bearing.

  6, the sealing structure is reasonable, the oil and gas can not enter the chassis, therefore, the output air clean, oil free.

  7, bearings, triangle adopts imported parts. Bearing is made in Japan, the triangle is made in America.

  8, fan gear is made of 20 crmnti after carburizing treatment, grinding, precision up to 5, tooth surface is more wear-resisting, can significantly reduce gear noise.

  9, yi, robot -- fan before delivery after 48 hours of trial operation, debugging qualified to delivery, guarantee the quality of roots blower for the factory.

  Roots blower noise management using acoustic cover mainly management in order to achieve the effect of muffler noise reduction. General of roots blower of about 70 ~ 80 db noise, and the roots blower noise mainly by mechanical noise, air dynamic noise, and other components of the electromagnetic noise, air dynamic noise is mainly into the exhaust noise, and exhaust as big. Mechanical noise by the cabinet radiation, electromagnetic noise is generated by the motor. Roots blower noise of the noise is the sound source. So how to solve the problem of roots blower noise?

  The method to solve the problem of the fan noise usually has the following kinds:

  1) the noise of the chassis and motor can be solved by adding sound insulation cover, put the fan in independent between fan noise inside, conducted in fan between sound absorption, sound insulation.

  2) outside the outlet fan installed muffler, insert the built-in sound; make noise in through the special structure can keep cutting. Muffler is to reduce the aerodynamic devices or along the pipe inlet and outlet radiation transmission noise of effective measures.

  3) the ground layer outside the shutter use silencing shutter as far as possible.

  4) fan hanging the damping spring hanger shock absorber.

  5) to the overall vibration isolation the fan base.

  After-sales service: good roots blowers robot if during the warranty period appear quality problem, can solve the company on-site maintenance personnel will serve to the scene within 48 hours, if the fan is a major quality problem, you can change the new fan.

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