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The use of the roots blower

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  1, deal with fan to check all parts, parts is complete, each link elastic case of bolts, nuts, various fasteners and locating pin installation quality, into the exhaust pipe and valve installation quality, etc.

  2, in order to guarantee the safe operation of the blower, and are not allowed to carry pipe, valves, framework, etc. And the load.

  3, check the fan and motor to find, find is quality.

  4, check the unit is all around the base of the mat, if the anchor bolt fastening.

  5, to the brand by the injection of the tank of machine oil to oil level line, lubricating oil brand for N220 work load of gear oil.

  6, check the motor whether to conform to the requirements of the point.

  7, the pulley (coupling) should install belt cover (guard), to ensure the safety of operation.

  8, blower inlet and vent valve is opened entirely, plate of fan rotor, should be flexible rotation, no impact and friction phenomenon, confirm everything under normal circumstances, can start the fan using the commissioning.

  9, blower empty load test run

  (1) the newly installed fan should be repaired or through empty load test run.

  2: is the concept of roots blower empty load operation under the condition of into the vent valve is fully open operation.

  (3) there is no abnormal smell or smoke phenomenon and impact or friction, bearing parts of the radial vibration velocity is not greater than 6.3 mm/s.

  (4) empty load running 30 minutes, such as the situation is normal, can start loading operation, such as running found abnormal, still need to do after check out the empty load test run.

  10, blower with normal load running

  (1) requirements gradually slowly adjust, to bring load until the rated load, don't allow a is adjusted to the rated load.

  The so-called rated load, refers to the static pressure difference between inlet and outlet, according to the set pressure value of the nameplate. In the exhaust pressure under normal circumstances, must pay attention to air inlet pressure changes, so as not to overload.

  (3) the normal work of the fan, it is strictly prohibited to fully closed inlet and vent valve, regular observation of pressure situation, should be paid attention to when overload safety valve whether action exhaust, otherwise should timely adjust the relief valve, no overload operation.

  (4) due to the nature of roots blower, exhaust gas over a long period of time are not allowed to be directly back into the blower inlet (changing the inlet temperature), otherwise will affect the safety of the machine, if you need to take back to adjust, cooling measures are necessary.

  5] often should pay attention to the position of lubricant oil, regular check, and make record, ensure the oil amount. Automatic injection can be used lubricating oil, roots blower for equipment maintenance.

  11, parking

  Blower is unfavorable in full case suddenly stop, must discharge load after parking, step by step in order to avoid damage to the machine, on the principle of emergency stop, users can further to formulate detailed rules.

  12, the safe operation of the blower and service life, depends on the right and wrong is often maintenance and maintenance, and should pay attention to any accident.

  Zhangqiu yi tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of roots blower ZLSR company. Its main products are roots blower, roots blower, and three leaves roots blowers three-blade roots blower, high pressure blower, ZLSR, three leaves roots blowers ZLSR fan is my company to design, development, production of a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and new products. This wind turbine parts adopt numerical control machining center for processing, and has advanced detection equipment and high-quality personnel, to ensure that each factory equipment and have high quality, high service life. The company to provide you with perfect pre-sales consulting and after-sale tracking service, for every customer to remove trouble back at home, the new and old customers get the praise. My company is located in the east of jinan MingShui, jinan-qingdao road north, 18 kilometers away from jiqing expressway, jiaoji railway traverses MingShui city, traffic is very convenient. Welcome all customers to visit my company guidance, business negotiations.

  Contact us:

  Address: zhangqiu MingShui hou home park street office

  Telephone: 13705411652

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